Brief Guides for Philanthropists

This series of papers was designed to present a brief overview on issues of global importance and, most importantly, to help philanthropists become effective global donors by connecting them with important and informative players in the various fields. They have been developed in response to discussions with donors and donor advisors. Additional Brief Guides are forthcoming.The Brief Guides can be photocopied and distributed by all parties subject to two conditions:

  1. The Brief Guides must be made available free of charge.
  2. No part of the Brief Guides, including attributions, can be altered.

To help us better understand how the Brief Guides are being used, and to enable us to develop additional resources for philanthropists, please keep us informed as to who is using the Brief Guides. We welcome any feedback about these guides and suggestions you may have for additional topics.  Please feel free to contact us.

Climate Change and PovertyClimate Change and Poverty
Climate ChangeClimate Change
Investing to Re-Balance a Warming World
Digital DividePhilanthropy for Global Digital Opportunity
Evaluating GrantsEvaluating Grants
International Programs of Chicago’s Field MuseumInternational Programs of Chicago’s Field Museum
Philanthropy for ForestsPhilanthropy for Forests
Philanthropy for HIV/AIDSPhilanthropy for HIV/AIDS
Philanthropy for Human RightsPhilanthropy for Human Rights
Philanthropy for Land MinesPhilanthropy for Land Mines
Philanthropy for Local DevelopmentPhilanthropy for Local Development
How Community Foundations Can Make a Difference
Philanthropy for MalariaPhilanthropy for Malaria
Philanthropy for RefugeesPhilanthropy for Refugees