Connecting and Supporting Philanthropists

GPP works to build and support an engaged community of globally-minded philanthropists.

Connecting and Supporting Philanthropists Connecting and Supporting Philanthropists

International Giving and Issues

GPP engages in a range of global issues, from fighting malaria in sub-Saharan Africa to supporting biodiversity in Central America.

International Giving and Issues International Giving and Issues

Original Research and Guides

Strategic guidance to frame and evaluate global issues, outlining the high-impact roles for international donors.

Original Research and Guides Original Research and Guides

Supporting Midwest Climate Action

As a Chicago-based organization, GPP has a special interest in promoting sustainability across the American Midwest.

Supporting Midwest Climate Action Supporting Midwest Climate Action

Global Philanthropy Partnership

Welcome to Global Philanthropy Partnership. We provide information and resources to donors and donor advisors interested in addressing issues of global importance

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